Books and Resources

For many topics of interest, we find ourselves frequently recommending books or other resources to our clients. This section of our website is where we list some of the most common ones. We try to keep current links in place for these resources, but as websites often change, we ask that you let us know if you find a link that is no longer working. The book links are primarily for, but most of these can be found elsewhere without much difficulty. 

Meditation for Dummies
An excellent book introducing meditation with a nice focus on the pragmatic side of meditation and without requiring a foundation in any particular religious tradition to appreciate it. It includes a CD with guided meditations as well as information about the research on the health benefits of meditation. 

The Parent's Handbook
A workbook on parenting of school aged children, with a skills based approach working toward a parenting style of mutual respect, developing individual competence in children and with a focus on teaching the child to become an independent and self sufficient adult.  

Parenting Young Children
The same concepts as the Parent's Handbook, but with a focus on children under six years of age, with examples consistent with that age.  

Parenting Teenagers
This is the teenaged version of the Parent's Handbook, with focus on issues of adolescence and how to manage the transition to adulthood with a minimum of power struggles and resentments.