Managing Holiday Stress

Holidays are a major source of stress for many people. The symptoms range from the physical (tension, physical illness, fatigue) to the psychological (withdrawal, irritability, jumpiness and alcohol or drug abuse) and the emotional( mood changes, rage, grief). On top of the demands of the holiday season, such symptoms add unnecessary drains on already limited resources. As such, it is important to learn ways to minimize the effects of stress.

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Wellness Services

Brauer and Associates provides education and counseling to assist clients in Wellness considerations. We will explore with you means of being Well by offering assistance in stress management, relaxation trainging, prioritization and anxiety reduction.

We also offer services to assist clients in management of counterproductive behaviors such as smoking, overeating, procrastination and relationship issues.

We will assist you in finding ways to increase the overall healthfulness of your lifestyle, through dietary and exercise interventions, meditation and spiritual exploration and changes in your overall style of living to make your life more conducive to the contentment that you seek.