READING... give your child a gift for life
How do I teach my child to read?

 • Be their model, let them see you read, even if it is a magazine.
 • Set aside 10 minutes (yes, JUST 10 minutes) a day and read together.

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Relating to Children

Remember, for better relationships with your child, keep these things in mind.

Your Child... a smaller person, but a human person
...has thoughts and feelings

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One of the most common struggles for parents of school age children is that of homework. Generally speaking, kids do not want to do homework, and parents do not like to argue and have power struggles to get their kids to do it. The issue often lies in the idea of demonstrating family values. When families come to see us about this issue, one of the first things we discuss is the question of whether education is a family value.

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Goals of Parenting

It is easy in the short run to lose sight of the primary goal of a parent. We focus on the immediate issues of teaching right from wrong, control, getting to appointments and events on time, getting the groceries purchased and minimizing household turmoil, and in the process of addressing all of these needs, we forget that our primary job is to put ourselves out of a job.

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Divorce and Children

One of the most difficult decisions in a parent's life can be the question of whether to divorce, especially in light of the potential effects on children. The research on this issue is less than helpful, because the nature of the problem is one that cannot be well studied in a controlled research design. While studies clearly demonstrate that children have more problems after a divorce, the studies cannot adequately separate the questions of whether the problems are from the divorce or from the poor relationship that led to the divorce. In studies of divorced families however, it becomes clear that after the divorce, families with ongoing conflict and poor communication and cooperation produce children with more difficulties than do families who master these issues after the divorce.

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One of the most common issues brought to us by parents of school aged children is that of bedtime. Children often power struggle around this issue, and parents have difficulty with finding a way of dealing with this issue in a way that does not escalate the struggle to a degree that winds everyone up at a time when winding down is what is needed. There are a couple of approaches to this issue which, when used together, will diminish this problem in the majority of families.

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