Anxiety and Adoption

The process of adoption is a difficult one in many ways, and a common reflection of that difficulty is the anxiety which it provokes. This can be either a manifestation of an ongoing anxiety disorder or an anxiety response unique to the situation.
For many people, adoption follows on the heels of a long journey, including fertility assessments and treatments, perhaps miscarriages and stillbirths or inability to become pregnant. Such experiences often have the effect of destabilizing one's confidence in the general idea that "everything will be all right," largely because it has not lately been true.

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Adoption Support Services

Adoption can be a very exciting and also a very emotional time. To help families who are considering adoption as well as those who are in the adoption process, Brauer & Associates offers support groups that help connect families going through similar experiences. Home studies or placements are not part of the services offered, however, Brauer & Associates coordinates the required activities with adoption agencies and organizations.

The following groups are available and are held at the Marriott Hotel in Lisle, IL:

• Adoption Decision Group
• Managing Adoption Anxiety
• Adoptive Parenting Group

Other locations are available when there is sufficient interest to offer a group in the location.

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